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It's no secret that an accurate contact database is the most important asset to your business development efforts. It's also no secret that business information doesn't have a long shelf life. With ZoomInfo's full spectrum of Data Services, we'll infuse your contact database with just-verified prospect data from the vast ZoomInfo database of 6 million businesses and 65 million professionals so you can avoid the pains of old, unmanageable data.

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Thousands of companies rely on ZoomInfo's products and services. It is used by thousands of business professionals, including Fortune 500 companies.

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Most providers wanted five to ten days to fulfill a request. ZoomInfo delivered in two days, without a rush order. That kind of turnaround was a major competitive advantage for ZoomInfo, but also for me because it meant I could get my message out that much faster.quote end
- Anna Glushkovsky, Database Marketing Manager, Eloqua